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Zexus Technology Co., LTD.

Tablet PC and related accessories

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Zexus Technology Co., LTD. is focus on developing and manufacturing Tablet PC
Tablet PC is everywhere, but the features we incorporate with Zexus are a different story.
Localized Products Localized Warranty!
Zexus is completely a brand for your local market!
We supply the products directly from our factory to thousands of our resellers in your local market. With this strategy, we are determined to suit Zexus Tablet PC to our end-user customers.
Zexus is customized with specifications for local market, including, Language supporting, Customized Power Supply Adapter, etc.
Most important, we provide local Warranty through our service center through our agent!
We take Quality seriously!
Different from our competitors who source cheap tablet PC, we make Tablet PC. From SMT Mounting Machines to Paper Packing, we take care into every step before the products is out of our factory.
We place five QC specialists on every production line to run multiple inspections utilizing sophisticated t... [Details]